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Riddles for the riddle-challenged
Frank Cotolo
June 15, 2023
If you're the kind of person who for one reason or another cannot solve riddles, we have developed special riddles for you, riddles you can always solve so you feel good about yourself.
Riddle 1: Why would a man who owns one pair of shoes never buy shoelaces.
Answer: He own loafers.
Riddle 2: A man holds one bowling pin in his left hand and another bowling pin in his right hand. Why can't he juggle them?
Answer: A person needs three or more objects to juggle.
Riddle 3: Mrs. Cumberbund is colour blind, yet she knows when a traffic light commands her to stop her car. How does she know?
Answer: The top light on a traffic light is red so all she needs to know to stop her car is the top light is on.
Riddle 4: A short order cook is told to fry two eggs. Where does he find a chicken coop to get the eggs?
Answer: Short order cooks that work in restaurants that serve breakfast during special hours or all the time are always provided with uncooked eggs for any recipe on the menu that includes eggs.
Riddle 5: A man lost 80 pounds. Does he know what he weighs?
Answer: He does only if he knew what he weighed before he lost 80 pounds.
Riddle 6: A farmer gives a sick man some pills and tells him to take two every four hours. When should the sick man start taking them?
Answer: Never because farmers shouldn't give pills to sick people.
Riddle 7: What kind of a mother lives upstairs?
Answer: A Step-mother.
Riddle 8: What dinosaur is best at writing lyrics that rhyme?
Answer: A Rap-tor.
Riddle 9: What is the stupidest thing to wear when searching Google?
Answer: Goggles.
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