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More official amazing laws
Frank Cotolo
July 18, 2024
Laws are added regularly in cities around the world. Here are some of the newest passed to date.
In Kentucky, USA, there is no longer any race allowed to drink from public fountains.
In Alberta, Canada, beef sales are limited to five pounds per family unless the family is more than five people and two were born in Ontario.
In Paris, France, all people flying out of the country are not allowed to have more than ten berets in their carry-on luggage.
Moscow, Russia prohibits the sale of instant borscht.
Tourists of Mexico City, Mexico, are fined for making jokes about sombreros in broad daylight.
The legislators of Manhattan, Kansas make gathering to watch shooting stars illegal without a permit or city regulated apparel.
Marriages in Tokyo, Japan, cannot be celebrated on any city street where local merchants gather to bless their products.
All future residents of Texas, USA, must register their drawl each year at the cost of $12 and have a receipt on their person if stopped by a law officer.
Rabbits may not hop freely any longer in Casper, Wyoming, unless accompanied by their owners or legal guardians. Fines apply.
Public tanners in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, must provide five feet of space between one another on the beach with exceptions only for the elderly, the hungry, the hungry elderly, children of a lesser god, itinerant carpenter's wives, long distance runners, girls from Ipanema and adults suffering from BRS (bladder relief syndrome).
Los Angeles, California, USA, has made surfing while playing ukeleles illegal.
Ordinary hand gloves must meet the city's specific requirements in Brisbane, Australia, before being worn to outdoor eating facilities.
In Lisbon, Portugal, people over 50 years old are prohibited from dancing the Mambo in public during the hours before sunset. Exceptions are made for contributors to the Mambo Survival Project (MSP) by weekly subscription.
In Berlin, Germany, you are prohibited from singing while voting.
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