About Frank Cotolo
Cotolo Chronicles
In each episode of Cotolo Chronicles, your host documents news, information, conversation and insubordination of the highest order, although sometimes it sinks to the most common form of entertainment. Current topics affecting all of our lifestyles and culture are discussed, sometimes with exclusive guests from "the content industry," as well as the independent community.
Thousands of listeners are drawn to Cotolo's unique approach to news, information, conversation and insubordination on topics of celebrity and the digital environment. He is armed with a quick wit, experience and a unique ability to turn the abstract into everyday thoughts. His on-air presence is pal-like and absorbing, commanding and inviting, comic and entertaining, bittersweet and bombastic, to name a few.
Cotolo is a veteran entertainer, author and journalist as well as a former commercial broadcaster. Google his name and you will find that he has more experience than most any indie broadcaster, adding to the warmth and inspiration of a program he insists has the obligation to "get your attention and make you think."
Frank Cotolo's Green Room
Frank Cotolo's Green Room is where the friends and freaks hang out before Cotolo Chronicles. We sing, interact and shmooze in casual array for an hour.
We also have updates from SRN National News and other goodies. Join us if you consider yourself a friend, a freak, a freaky friend or a friendly freak.
Common Sense Cotolo
Extending his abstract thinking and interesting comradery, Frank Cotolo brings these short little "Chronicle-lites" to alternative radio stations throughout the galaxy. Common Sense Cotolo was initially a series in which Frank could say what couldn't be said on Chronicles.
Also, he was asked by Station Managers to help suppliment their programming.
Dummies Guide to the US
One day in the distant year of 2005, former Head of SRN Mediaworks Broadcasting Phillip Hong was planning a trip to Washington. Their first overseas "Move Mania".
In order to recieve a more "native opinion" in being a tourist down south in the United States without being mugged, shot, nor cussed at for being Canadians, Frank decided to commission Dummies Guide to the US to explain the more alien culture that is of Americans.
Frank explains the more interesting and narcissist pleasures in life with his Dummies Guide. Copyright infringement might've occured, but only coincidentally.

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