The sullen and the somber
Frank Cotolo
9 Jan, 2009
Here at Cotolo Chronicles, the mood is always somber, never sullen. From the beginning of planning this program, an incident that dates back more than a decade, somber moods made for more productive programs and let's face it, productive programs are far more appealing than unproductive programs, which usually result from sullen moods of preparation.
We strive and thrive on what develops from the somber moods of creation. Many times we have our productive production meetings listening to sambas while expressing ourselves somberly. And somberly samba music is not difficult to find if you know the correct stores to find such music (and take it from me, one of them is not Walmart).
Were we to base our meetings on a sullen mood, we could never use a samba as a musical element. Even the saddest samba cannot approach a sullen mood. Once, a young samba musician attempted to write a sullen samba but could not do so. No matter how hard he tried to add a sullen mood to the samba he failed so miserably that he became sullen and could write no more.
It is said that Rome was not built in a day and it has been proven that the great city took longer than a day to build because the builders became sullen around noon.
A lunch break that turned somber into sullen caused construction to slow to a crawl from after the lunch hour, around 1 p.m., until around 3 p.m. when the workers began complaining about falling into a deep depression. Rome was not finished in that one day, running extremely over budget for the rest of the week of construction.
All because the mood became sullen.
Professionals who study such moods have been quick to note that the difference between the sullen and the somber is wide and vast if not vast and wide and that no matter the order of something being vast or wide there is only a difference of distance involved, not to mention the fact that such a distance could be either vast or wide.
In 1781 a team of researchers gathered in Kansas City to discuss the differences between sullen and somber. But half of the researchers arrived in Kansas City, Kansas while the other half arrived in Kansas City, Missouri. It was later discovered that it was never mentioned which Kansas City was the destination of the researchers. Months later, it was learned that the man who planned the meeting did so in a sullen mood and although two different meetings took place due to the mistake, both were deigned to be failures due to the sullen planning.
Perhaps if members of the governments of the world stopped being persistently and silently ill-humored and morose, members of their societies would aver, making the culture brightly display productivity, as well as spreading peace throughout the communities. Yes, it is debatable but who is to argue? Gloomy, dismal and sluggish may go together but they do not work in league with the general feelings of being extremely serious and grave. Some people may want you think that sullen is like somber and somber is like sullen but we must admit that those people don't do much and probably butter their toast on both sides, just to be safe.
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