A home for all
May 13, 2014
Race was not something we looked at - I only started learning about our differences consciously years after we moved out of Brampton.
Befriending Metadata
April 30, 2014
Since when did social networks allow themselves to demand that we congratulate others on their new jobs? Our social lives should be more offline.
New Market
February 11, 2014
An old friend from broadcasting school and I decided to down a few cold ones at a spot she found groovy.
Assaults on Ballots
February 8, 2014
Elections Canada reminds you to have lunch and the political parties want you to order their sandwich.
The Unhealthy Tightrope
October 20, 2013
I've always known that I had high cholestrol levels and have had bouts with high blood pressure.
Area Code Envy
Heavy Rails
Free To Air
In spite of safety
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
The Self Syndrome
Humble Pie
Border Insecurity
Nostalgic Break
Smoke Drink Lose
A Society of Scrooge
As Time Goes By
Ink Blots, Aching Finances
Blue, White and Green
Terra Nullis
High School Non-Musical
Parking in a "Handy" Space
The Nerd with Braces
The Degrading Designation
The Digital Addiction
The Heavily Quoted Quote
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