Artist Review
Painting with dust; POP goes the easel
August 22, 2015
POP4 Summer is a journey by masterful artistic pop/rock songwriters/performers Kirk Adams, KC Bowman, Scott McPherson and Andrea Perry, which you must go through in order to get out - or more explicitly, be released.
Lost or found, welcome home
July 10, 2013
If you have any doubt about Andrea Perry's place in the universe after listening to her new CD, "Four", you haven't been listening very closely. The 14 tracks on this release present a compendium of wonderment and resolve.
Liar's Club: Coming of ages
March 25, 2013
The theme of the album is captured in the opening track's lyrics with a plea to come and go "with me," a request to team with the source of the mystery in order to solve the mystery.
A Kirk in the armor
Pristine production and instrumental mastery have been trademarks of Kirk Adams' music, but rarely did his work touch the genius of maturity, that elusive quality akin to the artistry of a poet's heartbreak.
Andrea Perry's moving parts
The most personal pieces of art transcend individual meaning and inspiration to attach themselves to the lives of their audience. Andrea Perry delivers this message directly to our hearts.

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