May 2010
It is 30 stories by Cotolo and original art by T. Stefan Gesek. More explanation than that cannot do the book justice because it is a true experience, an individual experience. It is an analog experience in a digital world.
"Not too long ago I turned a corner in my life by surviving some adversity. After that, I decided to write songs that are fun, upbeat and hopefully out there to help people forget the trials and tribulations that life can bring."
"SOiL started as a side project by founding members Tim King, Adam Zadel, and Tom Schofield. It quickly became a full time band that has been active for twelve years. It was formed as a side project to our death metal band 'Oppressor'."
"Brock and Jordan met up in 2000 and started to create the chaos. We got Jimbo the drummer into it and that helped sparked it. We then went on tours, more and more amazing crowds every time we hit the stage. We have fun!"
"The only thing was that most of the people that came to watch spent hours looking for parking. So when we were forced to start, we bumped up the audio levels and pretty much played as if we were trying to reach the parking lot."
"2006 was a year I spent out of the music scene when I got bored and needed to perform again. I contacted the drummer and we started jamming and then found a bass player and singer that were friends, and off we went."
"We write all of the music together. One of us will come to practice with a riff or idea and we all work it out together. We have a great chemistry when it comes to that. We all enjoy playing music and writing together."
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