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I wanted to make sure that this trendy area was the first in the Japanese capital that I visited. The somewhat new district had seduced me with the local Starbucks and the gigantic black spider statue.
Bears the official name of "Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building", long I'm sure. This area plays as the headquarters of a prefecture that serves an amount of people in the millions.
At the time I visited this small town east of Tokyo, the temple had almost reached its 1070th year of existence. It has survived through two World Wars, the New World, and even Black Death.
Sweat beaded down my neck and I was ready to get into something air-conditioned. I suddenly saw a police officer set up pylons as I walked down the street from the station.
Bikes lined the sidewalk between the subway station and the bridge. For a person getting used to urban sprawl and lonely old mansions, this is something I particularly envy.
A group of farmers quietly tended to the plants that have grown over the cover of water. Trees near these fields waved in a neat trance as the wind whispered by. I hadn't been so close to nature before.
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