Restaurants: York Region
Peter's Fine Dining
There's not a lot of good fine dining in York Region, but here's an establishment that has done this well for a very long time.
Boston Pizza, Vaughan
If done well, Boston Pizza tends to gain from a crowd that aims to empty their pockets when they're in the area.
Chili's, Woodbridge
A relatively new player in this market, we paid a visit to the first location of American chain Chili's to open in Ontario.
Jack Astors, Woodbridge
It's the guaranteed informal atmosphere, with the paper tablecloths that you can draw on, that pulls in diners.
Kelsey's, Woodbridge
The homey atmosphere that they've built for themselves through the years looks to be its continuing mainstay.
Lick's, Maple
An independent burger chain where they serve "homeburgers" in place of hamburgers.
The Pickle Barrel, Newmarket
Newmarket's a growing town, and a growing town means there's a growing appetite for something new.
Swiss Chalet, Wdb West
Swiss Chalet takes the holidays with pride by using a prominent holiday offering to bring in potential diners.
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