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The dull descendants of Confucius
Frank Cotolo
September 14, 2023
Confucius's bloodline produced many Chinese philosophers, all whom claimed to write words of wisdom in his tradition. However, as the generations passed, the work of his descendants carried little to no inheritance of his wisdom or style. Here are examples of the last Confucius-related kin.
Many a man should wander beyond the clear river waters in order to do his laundry.
Seasons come and seasons go. It's what seasons do.
All the riches in the world are in the pockets of the poor, the destitute, deprived, miserable, helpless and ruined ones.
She may love you or say it but only a tree stands loyal enough to blossom.
Can we, should we or must we be humble? It is as hard a task as any true hero can survive.
The sympathy of the generous heals the gluttony of the few.
Do not seek what you cannot find unless you can find it in the heart of a countryman, and then, only someone from the same country as you.
When the shadows of guilt fall upon cowardice, no breakfast of golden wheat may glitter at dawn.
No one can call you inferior unless you act that way.
The greatest day in your life will not be mine.
Some day, another day will prove that some day before it was just another day. Nothing special.
They tell you to let go because they tell you letting go is better than holding on and that nothing in between matters.
What is impossible should be left undone.
All of your life is one passing moment; one long, tedious, boring moment, but still better than death.
Though the winds of life are furious and stop you from moving on, though the darkness paints itself all over every beam of light, you're a better man than I, Gunga Din.
We who are wise cast no shame on you who are ignorant, for we are wise enough to know the ignorant would not appreciate it.
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