Column Chronicles
Kemo's adventures in chemistry
February 29, 2024
In this column I will be writing about different topics now and then. My name is Kemo. I have no first or middle name and I have no proof Kemo is the family name...
Turk Berain's Beaver Valley Mystery, pt. 2
February 22, 2024
When the woman and I awoke in the morning we were too hungry to leave for Beaver Valley before waffles. I took her to Dipp's because Dipp made the best waffles...
Turk Berain's Beaver Valley Mystery, pt. 1
February 15, 2024
I'm Turk Berain, a private detective. You might not know me as Turk Berain because I go by many other names, including Biff Wonderbread, Ebb Saltine, Harry Barry...
The race for sovereign toast
February 8, 2024
A new book by an old author, ratling history's kitchens. Jonathan Dern's Universal Toast dares to reveal how nations violently competed for breakfast.
If Dadaists wrote classic films
February 1, 2024
How would certain classic motion pictures been different if written by Dadaists, the art and literature movement based on negation of traditional artistic values?
The mystery files released
January 25, 2024
Throughout history mankind has secretly recorded events no one can explain. These files are now public. We list some of them in no particular order.
Stranger than strange things
January 18, 2024
Life on Earth is greatly understood and accepted and yet there are things no one knows and few people talk about. Science, for all of its proof of what happens...
Mr. and Mrs. Misanthrope, episode 1
January 11, 2024
No one liked Mr. and Mrs. Misanthrope because Mr. and Mrs. Misanthrope (as their name is defined) liked no one. Sometimes Mr. and Mrs. Misanthrope did not like...
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