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Up-and-coming Rappers and Hip Hoppers
Frank Cotolo
April 11, 2024
Names of Rappers employ charming misspelled names with a catchy beat. It is part of a culture that continues to grow in the pop culture genre. The following list names Rappers and Hip Hop artists still earning their reputations as they pursue careers that sell scads of music and add thousands of Instagram followers which leads them each of them to careers as actors. Keep your eyes and ears open for them.
Only 16, he grew up in the streets of Newark, N.J. and still works part time as a muffler mechanic while working on his fifth CD.
Began writing Hip Hop lyrics for Wild Wilee Kupid MX6 and went on his own when that rapper told him he was better than the ill-fated Bakgammon Tex, who inspired Wild Wilee Kupid MX6 when the two of them were UPS drivers.
She's a learned percussionist whom adapts masterpiece classical music melodies with tribal beats while rapping along with them. Ssonata-lyric-laden piece based on Hayden's Water Music is praised by ABNORML CEE, a foundation rapper.
Her name says it all. She's agile with her street poems and guzzles rhymes with her throaty performances. Some of her peers call her Lena Horney.
They're a groundbreaking trio with songs taking the genre to new levels of urban brilliance. Wrek My Bones, for instance, has 65 verses with no verbs and Wooky In Surely Land, Buzz Me features original words like tripdiponia, sukmard, wickwammer and smellork.
He's the son of Hip Hop's TUNG LICKR and he's every bit as talented as his dad (who died from abusing mayonaise). The Saliva just turned 37 and is still only four feet tall but he moves like a rubber band shot from a speedying stock car.
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