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Amazing new laws recently passed
Frank Cotolo
October 5, 2023
Legal standards change regularly in countries, provinces, cities, towns and hamlets. Here are some of the newest and strangest entries.
In Texas, it is now illegal to use one's lips to suck out the venom from a snake bite if the bite is below the belt.
Alabama has prepared a hefty fine for any musician who plays a banjo on his knee, siting a mockery of the cherished tune "Oh Susanna."
For the summer months in Paris, no one may drink wine from a beret with or without a straw.
Chicago, Illinois has made it unlawful to own an original Studebaker automobile for pleasure.
There will no longer be a north side of South Bend, Indiana, since the population of the city rejected its presence.
Children over fifteen are forbidden to use a net if learning to walk tightrobes.
Madrid will incarcerate anyone for two weeks if anyone is discovered wearing homemade tattoos on any part of their bodies and will serve a longer sentence if drawing a tattoo on a neighbor.
La Paz will no longer be the capital of Bolivia after a new law was passed to change its name to either Microscopio, Pie Grande, Sopa Verde or Hogar de Frutos Secos.
After years of failed attempts, a new law has passed that will jail the population of Mendoza, Argentina, if six or more of them gather wearing frayed sombreros.
Iceland has approved and made it legal to be the official home of The Vatican.
In Cuba, residents will no longer be allowed to dance with tourists if unaccompanied by a priest.
The province of Alberta, Canada, will soon be limited to exporting beef by hand.
From this moment on, there will be a large fine for anyone mistaking Nepal for Paypal.
The Isle of Wight will no longer respect any song performed by an Elton John impersonator.
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