January 2011
Interview: Debbie (from Ten Year Vamp)
We always say "what happens at a Ten Year Vamp show... stays at a Ten Year Vamp show". We have so many great stories. Every show is crazy. We've taken a lot of bus trips... sometimes WITH our fans.
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Interview: TrashQueen
(Music is) an expression of voice and it really lets us communicate with people. It shows who we are and gives you a feeling like no other... and the women aren't too bad either!
Interview: Smoove Gotti
We are just getting our feet wet in the game but we look forward to working with anybody who wants to make good music and put it out. Every show gets better and bigger.
Interview: Calling All War
Really the coolest show for me was the Garage to Ozz battle of the bands. Mainly because it was the first time I really felt like I was a rock star. Just a really cool vibe from the crowd!
Interview: Chad Darou
I have been playing since I was 8 years old and have been in a number of bands in the 32 years since I started. The desire to be on stage performing the music I love is what got me started.
Interview: Frozen Sword
At the beginning we just wanted to play hard and heavy music. We're still independent: I think that's better to begin in music to be free and to play for YOU and fans.
Interview: E-Man
Good music is good music no matter what catagory you try to put it under. I've experienced a lot in my still young life and I think I have stories to share that people can relate to.
Interview: Lance Lopez
I had a few family members that played piano or violin a little by ear but nothing serious. My father and Elvis Presley were army buddies, so he really encouraged me musically...
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